Thursday, November 14, 2013

State or Agency....or a whole different direction

I have been reading foster blogs like a mad woman in the last few weeks....I have a handful of foster blogs that I have been reading for a few years but since getting serious about fostering, I have been reading blogs like a mad woman.  I am like a sponge, trying to absorb as much information as possible and loving reading others stories.

I read that when starting out, I should look into both the local state agency as well as private agencies.  I started by calling the local DSS and learned that their PRIDE classes are not going to be until sometimes after the new year and well, I am an impatient person and can't wait!!  I called a few different agencies around here and learned that there is one agency that is just finishing up classes and the woman wants to start the next classes soon.  The only thing is, this woman was not as positive about the fact that I am a full time college student as the state agency was, therefor, making me question whether or not I am making the right decision or making me question if they are going to approve me financial wise?

The private agency I called told me that their PRIDE classes are currently being held every Friday night from 6-8 pm as well as every Saturday from 9-3 pm.  The classes are only four weeks because of how many hours are spent in class per week.  This is a schedule I could definitely do because of the convenience with being done in 4 weeks instead of 9 like the state agency does.  The private agency is going to send me a packet in the mail and included in that packet is a financial form that I have to fill out so they can figure out if I am financially able to foster.  I told the state agency the amount that I make per month and she wasn't worried at all but this lady was.....I dunno what to think of this?

In regards to the whole different direction as the title states....

There is this friend of a friend that has a little girl who just turned one years old in the end of August.  The mom is going to jail in the beginning of December and doesn't know what to do with her daughter while she is incarcerated.  She just announced about a month ago that she is expecting another baby....I have no idea how far along she is but her lawyer has made a deal with the DA that once the new baby is born, the mom gets to go to some sort of parenting rehab facility and she gets to have both of her children with her.

I am thinking about offering to take her daughter for her while she is incarcerated.  I know it probably isn't the best idea in the whole world but it beats this poor baby going to some random person that the mom sends her to just so that she doesn't have to turn her over to the state.  I am going to talk to the mom with my friend in the next few days and see what she says about me taking her daughter.  I am going to tell her that I will bring the little girl to see her at least once before the new baby is born (she is going to be about 6-7 hours away, in another state).

I have no idea what is going to happen but either way, there is going to be a little angel added to the family (whether it is one or ten or even twenty angels will only be one at a time).

What do you think about going with the state or private agency?  Which do you go through?  What do you think about this little girls situation and my decision to offer this to the mom?

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