Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh wait...

According to my agency, I was supposed to be licensed and ready to go last week on Wednesday.  On Sunday I got a call from the woman who did my home study and she had some additional questions for me.  I answered her questions which left her with a question she had to call the state for and she said she would call me late Monday afternoon and let me know what was going on.

Monday morning came and I got a call from my PRIDE instructor telling me there was a paper that I had not signed and she said there was a problem with my physical paperwork.  I went to the agency and signed the paper that I had signed during my first week and got my PRIDE certificate which includes foster and adoption training (yay).  My instructor showed me a part of my physical where the doctor had forgotten to write some information and she told me I would have to take the paperwork back to the doctors.

I asked her if there was any word on what the other lady had been asking about but was told that they hadn't gotten any information as of then.  I asked her about my last back ground check and she said she didn't know if it was back yet but she said that she would check and let me know when I talked to her about my physical paperwork.

I went on Tuesday to get my physical paperwork fixed and had to go to the DMV for some information on my license.  As soon as I was done, I went straight to the agency with all of my stuff and turned it into the instructor.  I asked her again if my background check was in and she said she had not been able to get in touch with the woman that handles that part.  She did tell me that I should be done now and as soon as the background check comes in, I am ready to go.

It is now Thursday night (Friday morning since it is after 1 am) and I have not heard anything from them since Tuesday when I was there.  I think I am going to either call them tomorrow or stop in and see if my background check has come back.  I want to get licensed or at least know if and when I am licensed.

How are you doing?  My bloggy friends have been slacking on the blogging lately and I miss you guys!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Foster Care timeline

I guess I am learning that when someone tells you something will take a week....expect it to take a lot longer than that.  I was supposed to be licensed as of yesterday but the weather Gods don't seem to like me very much and they keep sending snow our way (it hasn't ever snowed as much here as it has this year).  The snow closed down our city both Monday and Tuesday and therefor, I never got my phone call on Monday to finish my home study.

Tonight at a little after 8 pm, I got the call I have been waiting for all week.  I was told that one of my three background checks hasn't come back yet and I won't have my license until the background check comes in.  I did spend a little over an hour on the phone and finished answering all of the questions the woman from the agency had for me.  She said she is going to write up the last little bit of my home study and then I am done and ready to go as soon as my background check comes in.

I really hope this happens soon.  It's funny because I had to have a background check done in three different states and it is only my state that hasn't come back yet.  They are supposedly really backed up and this weather is not helping at all.

Until then, this home is ready and so are our hearts.  We are just enjoying our days and looking forward to bringing another little munchkin into our lives (one at a time at least because I am sure there will be plenty of little munchkins that will come into my home).

How long did it take you to get your background checks done?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Last home study visit

My third and final home study was scheduled for yesterday morning around 10:30 am.  I hadn't heard anything so I called the lady yesterday morning a little after nine to confirm the appointment.  She said that something had come up that week and she was trying to play catch up yesterday and wasn't sure she would be able to make it out.  I was disappointed but tried not to let her hear it.  She told me she would call me and let me know if she would come.

My friend was going to do my hair yesterday and she called me at noon and asked if she could come a little after one and I told her that was fine because it didn't sound like I was going to be finishing my home study that day.  My friend came over with her two children and started to put foil highlights in my hair.  My house was spotless but within a matter of minutes, the kids had all the toys pulled out in the living room and were having a blast.

At about three in the afternoon, when I had a head full of foil and my house was a mess, the lady called and said she was around the corner.  She asked if she could come stop by for a few minutes and I told her of course but warned her that I had friends there and my house was a mess.  She said she didn't mind at all and would only be there for a few minutes.

She showed up and we laughed at the fact that I was so much more comfortable with her and she said that is how she wants it to be.  She checked to make sure me freezer was locked, the meds were locked up, the cabinet doors were baby proofed, and she checked my fire extinguisher and first aid kit.  She asked me who my child care partner is and I told her it was my friend who was there and then she explained a few last things to me and said she would call me Monday afternoon to finish the last few things.

At that point, I asked her how long it would be until I am able to take a placement and she said that as of Wednesday March 5, I am able to take a placement.  I can't believe I am done!!!  It seems to unreal to me!  I could have a child in my home in three days!!  Now I really need to get as far ahead this week on homework as possible so I can devote as much time as possible to the baby when it gets here.  I figured I can have all my homework done by Wednesday for this week if I bust my tail in the next two days.  I have a tutoring appointment on Wednesday but that is only for an hour and then I will be all done.

Please send me some good pink foster vibes this week.  I would love to get a placement this week or the beginning of next since Spring Break starts for me next week and it would give me some down time from school to spend getting all of us used to each other.