Friday, June 9, 2017

Baby makes 6

On Tuesday when I was picking up little man from his weekly visit, the social worker told me that mom was not at the visit. I asked him why mom didn't show up and he said that it was because mom just had a baby on Monday night. I was shocked and asked what was going to happen to the baby. I had no idea she was pregnant to begin with and now I was in shock!!

The social worker said that he didn't know if the baby was going to be removed yet and he said I was at the top of the list to get baby if she was removed.  He told me not to get my hopes up and he said he knows I want a baby girl. I laughed at him and said I would be willing to take baby and then reminded him that I already have a baby girl and she is only eight months old.

I left that visit and said to my mom and sister that I was in shock and could I even do this??

The next morning I dropped little man off at daycare and off I went to run some work errands. I was talking with a fellow foster mom and I got another call and saw that it was from social services, but didn't recognize the phone number.  I answered the phone and the social worker introduced herself and apologized that my worker was not able to be the one to call me but he was out in the field and they didn't have much time. She asked me when I could come to the office to sign placement paperwork because baby was being released and I needed placement paperwork when I went to the hospital to pick her up!!!

OMG I was flabbergasted and told her I could come now. She told me to take my time because they still had to get the paperwork done. I left and dropped off my car that I use for work to have new tires and a state inspection done.  While I was dropping the car off, my social worker called and asked me what time I would be able to come to the office. I told him I could be there in less than half an hour. He said another worker was going to go to the hospital to get her because things had gotten ugly with dad.

I rushed to get the car dropped off and on my way to the office I texted my worker and asked if I had a few minutes to stop at a store to get a few outfits for her and some diapers. He said I had to be there within an hour, so I rushed into Babies R Us and spent $250 in 10 minutes!!!

It took a little bit longer to get the baby released than expected and I didn't get her until 3:30 that afternoon. When they placed this beautiful little girl into my arms, my heart melted! She looks so much like her brothers and yet, not! She does not have the same dad and I'm sure that's where the dark hair comes from.

It is now two days later and we are falling into a routine and I am sitting on the couch with this beautiful, tiny bundle on my chest sleeping peacefully while enjoying her one on one attention.

So, baby makes 6 children for me.  5 are in the home and my oldest moved out a few years ago.  I can't believe I have 5 children in my home and the best part, we all fit into this house with a place for everyone.

The one weird looks like a baby store threw up all over my house!!! The stuff that comes with three small children is unbelievable and takes up a whole lot of space!!!