Thursday, August 11, 2016

Guess who's back?

Mamma's back!! 

I haven't posted on here in a really long time, so I thought it was time to give a little bit of an update.

Let's start with summer of 2015.....yes, 2015!

My oldest son is going to be turning 20 next year and of course has friends that are just as grown if not a little bit older.  June 2015 one of the guys he knows came to him and told him that social services took custody of his newborn baby at the hospital. Come to find out, the mom had two other children that were taken from her and for this reason, this little baby was not allowed to go home with her either. Dad had to do a DNA test and social services wanted to do some background checks on dad and his parents (dad lived with his parents). Until that was all competed, the baby would stay in foster care with her two older sisters. My son told dad about me and my desire to be a foster parent and told dad to come talk to me to find out what I can do to help.

Long story short, I ended up with custody of this beautiful little girl when she was 3 weeks old and I had her until she was 8 weeks old and went on to be with her new adoptive family (the uncle and his wife ended up agreeing to adopt her). My five weeks with this little beautiful girl made me realize just how much I want to be a foster parent.  I loved her something fierce and never in a million years thought I could love someone else's baby the way that I loved her. It hurt to my very core when she left to move to her new adoptive home and I cried like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and taken to someone else's house. much as it hurt, she is in a good place and when I saw her a few weeks later, I could see how much her family loved her and she was happy there. I knew I had made the right move by being there for her during those five weeks of her life when she needed me. I needed her just as much as she needed me.

Now, on to the next part of my journey....

I graduated from college in May 2015 and finished my very last course just around the same time that little mamma came to live with me. I started my career in March of 2015 and have a stable good life. I decided to move to a bigger and better place and am now living in a house with an extra bedroom, the bedroom we refer to as the nursery.  I plan to set up the nursery with two cribs and am open to taking in one or two babies.  

Tonight I am going to an orientation for the city next to mine and in September I will be going to the orientation for another city on the other side of mine. I have decided that I do not want to be licensed in my city because they are not supportive of single parents and do not allow babies under the age of 18 months to be placed with single parents. I want to have infants and that is not going to work if I decide to stick with my city.  I have decided to check out the orientations to a few different cities (I live in an area that has 7 cities all really close together and within a 30 min drive I can get to any of these cities) and see which city best suits my needs. I want to be able to find the agency that offers the best support and the agency that is supportive of single parents and don't use that against me.  

I am really excited to start my journey all over again and looking forward sharing the journey with all of you.